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How we sold our house in 48 hours for OVER asking price! posted June 22, 2018

Ok, so this has to start with a huge disclaimer that the market was HOT when we sold, especially in our super affordable price range. That made all the difference. But that said I did watch other houses go on the market in our area and sit for much longer before selling.

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Home Decor - our mid century modern ranch posted June 5, 2018

Our first home… :) We bought this house in 2015 when I was pregnant with our second and while part of me did not love home ownership (hellooooo responsibilities and expenses!) I did love making it our own and putting time and money into projects I wanted to do. If we hadn’t decided to move across the country (from Indiana to Nevada!) we would have stayed in this home a lot longer!

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Plane Travel w/ Toddlers - Tina in Real Life posted April 9, 2018

Me and the kiddos just took a flight from Northern Indiana to Las Vegas and it went pretty well! It was my first time with two kiddos that could carry their own backpacks (they are 2.5 and 4.5) and that was a game-changer for sure. Here are some ideas and tips!

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Noonday Collection - end of season SALE!!! posted January 15, 2018

Ladies! Noonday’s Spring line comes out February 15th and having seen it already I am SO EXCITED!!!! But in the meantime there are a few pieces that are phasing out to make room for all the new goodies and you can get them at a discount right now! But when they sell out, they’re gone for good! There are FORTY-EIGHT things on sale (unreal, a month ago there were like 8 things on sale) so I’m not going to highlight them all, just a few of my favorites!

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five things you may not know about me - Tina in Real Life posted January 1, 2018

Goal for 2018 - blog more consistently! Kicking that off by sharing five things you may not know about me. Usually I share about fashion, my kids, and products I’m using/loving, so I’ll try to stay away from those topics!

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