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video monitors - for security and watching the kiddos posted September 19, 2017

When we were pregnant with Simon my husband was on the road a lot for work so we decided to look for a video monitoring system that would allow him to peek in on me and the baby from the road. At the time we went with Foscam and it worked well but was a PAIN to set up. When we moved to our current house and were expecting our second we wanted to add a monitor for her, and add some security cameras, so we briefly tried the Arlo system but there was too much of a delay (and the whole system was expensive) so we started looking again. That’s when my husband found YI Cameras which we have had since April of this year and we absolutely love them!!!

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Amazon health & beauty favorites posted September 3, 2017

I’ve posted about some of these here and there but thought I’d gather them up into one blog post! We have (and use the heck out of) Amazon Prime. It just works really well for us in this phase of life where going to the store with two little ones is not the most fun - if I can limit my shopping to ALDI and Costco and avoid Walmart for the random needs, I am all for it. We also take advantage of Subscribe & Save, Amazon Video and Amazon Music as part of our Prime membership.

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outfits for the week (9/3-8) posted September 1, 2017

I’m trying something new - planning my outfits ahead of time. I have no idea if I’ll like it, if it will be helpful in the morning, if I’ll stick to my plan, etc… or if I’ll miss picking my clothes out the day of and scrap it all together. But it’s worth a try!

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two Soma dresses I am loving posted August 29, 2017

I started shopping at Soma a couple years ago and LOVE their underwear! I also love their lingerie, it’s absolutely beautiful but also really comfortable. And no big surprise, so is their clothing! It is pricey for sure, but if you wait for sales and buy things you really love that you can see yourself wearing for years to come I think it’s worth it because their stuff is really high quality and so comfy.

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personalizing my diaper bag backpack posted August 25, 2017

I got this diaper bag backpack from Amazon at the beginning of summer and have LOVED it. We are on-the-go a ton in the summer and I like having the space to carry drinks, snacks, diapers, wipes, activities, sunglasses, extra clothes, etc…! Red is one of the main colors I wear in the summer so this bag has been a fun addition to my wardrobe too (but it does come in 8 colors if red isn’t your jam). I carry a lot less stuff in the fall/winter so I will start using some smaller backpacks in colors that go with my fall wardrobe soon but I wanted to share this quick way I personalized my bag!

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