Mom fashion. Fun ideas. Saving money. Digging into the Bible. Feeding the family. Taking pictures. Podcasts and books. Pinterest. Makeup (sometimes). Friendship. Marriage. Church. Kid stuff (SO MUCH KID STUFF). Cheap ALDI wine. Netflix and goodnight...


Hi! I'm Tina.

I have a wonderful husband, two cute kids, and a growing relationship with Jesus. I stay home with those two cute kids but also have a photography business. We bought our first house a couple years ago and are slowly updating it inside and out. Midwest is best, at least for now! 

I am a review junkie. And I'm cheap... to an extent, I also like quality. I love shopping online where I can read a million reviews and make sure I'm getting the best price. I want to use this space to share things I've bought and love, with my own personal review. Everything from clothing (mom-on-the-go style), baby and kid products (less is more!), books, home stuff and more. I won't be out there buying tons of stuff to review, in my dream world I'd be a minimalist, but realistically I'm not. I'll just share the stuff I'd buy anyway. I'll also share podcasts I'm loving, recipes I'm trying, words of encouragement, real life stories, funny things my kids say, and probably ask a question from time to time!

The links I share will be affiliate links so I will get a small commission when you click on a link or purchase an item.

Feel free to contact me at I'd love to hear from you!