FLASH Noonday Bag Blitz!

Noonday is having their first ever flash bag blitz!! 8 of their gorgeous, handmade, hope and life and dignity giving bags are on sale 25-50% off! This flash sale goes from 10am-midnight on Monday, November 26th. The other Black Friday sale items will be on sale through the end of Tuesday, November 27th.

Just a reminder that all my sales this month are going into an adoption fundraiser for reader Ashley and her husband John. Here’s a little bit about them: When Ashley was 21, she was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. Because of this, Ashley learned that she did not create eggs, so getting pregnant would require an egg donor, and even then, the chances were slim. At that time, Ashley was not looking to start a family, but she began researching adoption. 7 years later when Ashley met John, she shared with him her plans to adopt after marriage and he was so excited. Several of John’s friends are adopted, and he always felt a strong desire to adopt a child, as well. They tried fertility treatments for a year. After two miscarriages and a lot of heartbreak, there was no doubt in their mind that adoption was the plan they were meant to pursue.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and Noonday is giving adoption trunk shows increased rewards, 15% of the trunk show sales will go to the adopting families! Noonday has donated over $700,000 through adoption trunk shows and I am excited to raise some money for Ashley and John!

Now, onto the bags!!!

Honey Bee Pouch & Take Flight Pouch

These gorgeous velvet, hand-beaded beauties are made in Vietnam and are the perfect clutch for Holiday parties! 40% off, on sale for $40.80 down from $68.

Cobalt Crossbody

This thing is made in Haiti out of the most deliciously buttery soft leather I have ever laid my hands on. Wear it as a crossbody or carry it as a clutch! 25% off, on sale for $86.25 down from $115.

Kuro Crossbody

This macramed beauty is made in India with vegan leather. 50% off, on sale for $62.50 down from $125.

Mulberry Leather Tote

I just got a limited cherry red version of this and LOVE it. It’s a great size for a busy mama on the go like me. Gorgeous, buttery soft, real leather!! 30% off, on sale for $117.60 down from $168.

Jetsetter Convertible Bag

This leather bag has tote handles, a gorgeous embroidered crossbody strap, a nifty little snap feature on the inside to change the shape of the bag, it is truly convertible and fabulous! 30% off, on sale for $138.60 down from $198.

Nepali Bag

This one is roomy and fabulous for the busy mama on the go!! 50% off, on sale for $67.50 down from $135.

Tesselated Clutch

I adore our hand embroidered clutches from Peru. The attached pom-pom tassel takes it over the top!!! 40% off, on sale for $46.80 down from $78.

Don’t forget all the amazing jewelry on sale through Giving Tuesday! And if you get a bag, get yourself the Vibrant Pom Tassel too – on sale for only $11!

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  1. Love the Jetsetter size.

  2. Lisa Arnaudo says:

    What a sweet story! How lucky they were to have found each other and a were ready to share the same result. I wish them much luck and success. As for the bags, I’m digging the red convertible bag!! Thanks for sharing the top pieces,…..

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