Curious about the lady behind Tina in Real Life? Here’s a little get-to-know-me! My name is Tina. Ha. Well, actually it’s Cristina but I have virtually always gone by Tina. I am 32. I did not have to Google “how old is someone born on September 9, 1986” to remember how old I am. This time. I have done that before though. I was born in Florida, we moved to Michigan when I was two, and other than brief stints in Uganda and back to Florida for a year of college, I lived in the midwest until April 2018 when we moved across the country to spicy Las Vegas, NV! We are LOVING it but I miss berry picking, fall color, and small-town life (even though I totally love living in this big, exciting city!).I grew up in the church and while that didn’t save me from my sins I am thankful for that constant in my life. I’m WAY WAY more thankful for God’s amazing redemption plan and that I am a sinner saved by grace through faith. I’ll never understand it all but I’m crazy blessed by a God who loves me.

Me and my husband met online! And then we (ok, mostly I) lied about it. Guys! I was embarrassed! For one, it was a sketchy dating site, and when I say sketchy basically I just mean free. If you want to try online dating, do it! But shell out some money for Match.com or something. C’mon. All that said, I am forever grateful that my sweet Kyle used proper spelling, punctuation and grammar in his profile. I messaged him because of that and the rest is history.

We have two kids and I think I want one more but Kyle AND the kids are done. I ask my oldest once a week if we should have another baby in the family and he has not wavered once from his NO stance. So that’s that. For now. 😉

My mom instilled in me a love for photography and capturing moments. In high school I started taking pictures of friends for fun and now over the past 5 years I have built a successful photography business.

In 2008 I started reading fashion/lifestyle blogs faithfully and now I have my own blog! My photography business landed me the most amazing opportunity taking photos for Living in Yellow and I got to see first hand some of the ins and outs of running a blog. Right before Memorial Day weekend 2017 “Tina in Real Life” was born.

When I was 15 my parents moved us to Uganda for a year to work at an orphanage, I fell in love with the country and the people and brought back all these amazing pieces of handmade jewelry from the marketplace to give to my friends and now 15+ years later I get to create a marketplace here for handmade jewelry from Uganda and 11 other countries through Noonday Collection.

There’s the basics of who I am, where I came from, and what my passions are.

Feel free to contact me at tinaherschberger@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

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